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Home Multimedia & Design Software Lumion Pro V10 Latest Standalone Version For Windows

Lumion Pro V10 Latest Standalone Version For Windows

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Lumion Pro 10 Latest Standalone Version For Windows. Lumion 9 Pro v 10 For windows – lifetime activation will be delivered via email within 24 to 48 hours.

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Lumion 9 Pro V 10 Standalone Version For Windows

Lumion 9 Pro V 10 (Pre-Loaded Key)

Experience architectural visualization like never before with Lumion Pro V10. This latest standalone version for Windows takes real-time rendering and visualization to the next level with stunning results.

Lumion Pro V10 has been designed from the ground up to help architects, urban planners, designers and more bring their visions to life. With an intuitive workflow and powerful rendering engine, you can create jaw-dropping renders and engaging videos in no time.

Some of the key features of Lumion Pro V10 include:

  • Photorealistic Visualization - Lumion utilizes cutting-edge rendering technology to produce photorealistic architectural visualizations. Materials, lighting and shadows are simulated accurately to showcase designs in real-world environments.
  • Speed and Ease of Use - Quickly turn 3D models into realistic visualizations without lengthy rendering times. The intuitive interface allows you to convert files and start visualizing in minutes.
  • Customizable Environments - Choose from a massive library of HD materials, components and effects to design fully customizable scenes. Tweak lighting, weather conditions, time of day and more to showcase buildings just as you envision them.
Lumion Pro V10 Latest Standalone Version For Windows
Lumion Pro V10 Latest Standalone Version For Windows
  • Impressive New Effects - Make visualizations stand out with volumetric fog that realistically dissipates light. Add depth with soft shadows and enhance realism with advanced transparency and reflection FX.
  • Powerful Material Possibilities - Dress up designs with lifelike materials. Metal and wood feature brushed and bump effects, while translucent glass beautifully refracts light. Apply materials in bulk for faster scene creation.
  • Real Skies & Weather - Populate scenes with realistic skies that feature volumetric clouds, haze, sun flare and more. Adjust time and weather settings to portray designs in different environments.
  • Thousands of Objects & Textures - Add realistic details with over 8000 objects including people, vehicles, furniture, houses, trees and foliage. Choose from 1000+ high-res materials like stone, wood, metal, fabrics and many more.
  • Improved Lighting - Illuminate designs with realistic sun, spotlights, omni lights and mesh lights. Soften shadows for a natural look. Use IES lights from real-world manufacturers for accurate lighting simulations.
  • Seamless CAD Import - Easily import SKP files from SketchUp 2015 or newer. Upload common CAD formats like OBJ, FBX, DAE and 3DS files to instantly convert them into fully rendered scenes.
  • Fluid Workflow - Lumion works seamlessly with leading CAD programs. Use the built-in LiveSync to update models in real time for streamlined collaboration between designers and visualizers.
  • Model Library - Choose from 100+ high-quality models to add details like people, trees, cars, furniture and more to designs quickly and easily. Drag, drop and customize models to populate scenes.
  • 1 Click Panoramas - Instantly wrap visualizations into 360° panoramic views to immerse clients in designs. Panning and tilting effects engage viewers and showcase projects from all angles.
  • Intuitive Video Creation - Create cinematic videos with preset camera paths and customizable keyframe animation. Add movement with camera sweeps, pans and zooms. Import videos, models and materials while rendering for a dynamic editing workflow.
  • Flexible Output - Export static renders or record videos directly in Lumion. Videos can be outputted at 2K, 4K or even stunning 8K resolutions if desired. Share videos and 360° panoramas seamlessly for virtual reality.

Bring your architectural visions into the real world. Lumion Pro V10 makes it easy to produce jaw-dropping renders and engaging videos in a fraction of the time required by traditional methods. With realistic real-time rendering and an intuitive workflow optimized for architects, designers, and planners, Lumion Pro V10 is a must-have solution for communicating and visualizing projects in the most photorealistic way possible.

Experience the next evolution in architectural visualization with Lumion Pro V10. This latest standalone version for Windows takes visualization quality and efficiency to the next level.

NOTE: Lumion 9 Pro is a Pre-activated license (Built-in key). You just need to download and install it and it is for lifetime activation. No separate license key will be provided as it has been pre-loaded (Standalone Version) into the software.


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