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Home Office Application Software Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac Home and Business- Fast Email Delivery

Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac Home and Business- Fast Email Delivery


This is a perpetual license without recurring costs. Documents can be saved locally on your computer or if you wish on a cloud storage location of your own preference. Includes the classic version of Word | Exel | PowerPoint | OneNote | Outlook

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Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac Home and Business.    

Upgrade Your Productivity with Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac Home and Business

Work faster and smarter with the latest version of Microsoft Office for Mac. Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac Home and Business provides the essential tools you need to get things done quickly and efficiently on your Mac computer.

This robust office suite helps streamline your workflow so you can create professional documents, analyze data, present slideshows, and much more. Office 2019 includes fully updated versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote to maximize your productivity.

Key Features of Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac Home and Business:

  • Word 2019 - Create professional documents with an intuitive word processor. Includes advanced formatting options, customizable themes, real-time collaboration tools and more.
  • Excel 2019 - Crunch numbers and analyze data with spreadsheets. Use charts, graphs, functions and formulas to visualize information.
  • PowerPoint 2019 - Make captivating presentations with slideshows. Design professional layouts, transitions, animations and use real-time co-authoring abilities.
  • Outlook 2019 - Manage your email communications efficiently. Includes calendar, contacts, tasks and more to optimize your workflow.
  • OneNote 2019 - Take notes and organize information flexibly across all your devices. Type, draw or hand write notes and access them from anywhere.
  • Publisher 2019 - Create and design professional publications and marketing materials with ease.
  • Access 2019 - Build custom databases to organize, understand and share information.
  • Skype for Business 2019 - Host online meetings, share screens and collaborate with team members in real time.
  • Advanced Security - Block malicious attacks and safeguard sensitive information with advanced security protocols.
  • 1 TB Cloud Storage - Get 1TB of cloud storage on OneDrive to access your files anywhere.
  • Install on 5 Macs - Install this license on up to 5 Mac computers at home or the office.
  • Always Up-to-Date - Get new features and security updates as soon as they release.
  • New Photos 3D & Video Features - Make 3D objects from your photos and use Morph and Zoom animation effects in PowerPoint.
  • Works with macOS Mojave - Optimized to work seamlessly with the latest macOS version.
Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac Home and Business- Fast Email Delivery
Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac Home and Business- Fast Email Delivery

Upgrade Your Work with Intuitive Office Apps

Streamline Word Processing with Word 2019

Create professional-looking documents quickly with Word 2019. An intuitive ribbon interface makes all your formatting, layout and editing tools easily accessible. Use themes and styles to customize documents in a snap. Read mode makes documents easy to view and navigate on your Mac. Dictate speech and Word will transcribe it into text. Real-time co-authoring allows multiple people to work on the same document simultaneously. Share your documents online with just one click. New focus mode highlights text to keep you distracted free. Overall, Word makes all your word processing tasks fast and efficient.

Crunch Numbers Easily with Excel 2019

Excel 2019 provides powerful tools to organize, analyze and visualize data in spreadsheets. Use preset formulas and functions to perform complex calculations. Transform your figures into compelling charts and graphs. Add color scales to cells to visualize values at a glance. New forecasting functions make it simple to predict future trends. Use PowerPivot to import millions of rows of data from multiple sources. New data types support STOCK and GEOGRAPHY information. To sum it up, Excel gives you robust data crunching abilities that simplify number-heavy work.

Create Captivating Presentations with PowerPoint 2019

Make dazzling slideshow presentations with PowerPoint 2019. Work in Outline View to structure your slides efficiently. Use themes and layouts to create designer visuals. Add multimedia content like photos, videos, audio and animated effects easily. Morph one image into another for dramatic transitions. Zoom animations bring key elements into focus. Presenter View makes it easier to deliver presentations. Set up Slide Show cycled through slides automatically. Audience View lets you see your slides as the audience would. Finally, PowerPoint provides all the tools to engage your viewers during presentations.

Get Organized with Outlook 2019

Outlook 2019 makes managing your emails and schedule efficient. An easy-to-use interface provides access to email, calendar, people and tasks in one place. Stay on top of incoming messages with conversation view. Schedule meetings and appointments with other users quickly. RSVP responses let you know who is attending. Get reminder notifications for meetings or tasks on all your devices. Use Focused Inbox to prioritize important emails. In summary, Outlook is your command center to control communication and stay organized.

Flexible Note Taking with OneNote 2019

OneNote 2019 provides flexible note taking options across all your devices. Type notes or hand write on your Mac's trackpad with a finger or Apple Pencil. Insert screenshots, links, files, audio and video seamlessly. Organize information in customizable Notebooks with sections and pages. Use tags for quick searching. Share notebooks to collaborate with others. Access notes on your Mac, PC, iPhone, Android or on the web. To conclude, OneNote gives you limitless ways to take notes your way.

Why You Need to Upgrade to Office 2019

While Office 2016 still works, here are some excellent reasons to upgrade to the latest 2019 version:

  • New Features - Office 2019 includes features unavailable in previous versions.
  • Speed Boost - Enjoy faster load times and smoother performance while using Office.
  • Improved Stability - Patches, fixes and optimizations make Office 2019 extremely reliable.
  • Better Security - Advanced security protocols keep your sensitive data safe.
  • Mac Optimization - Office 2019 works seamlessly with macOS Mojave and Apple tools.
  • Mainstream Support - Ongoing updates and support ensure Office 2019 works perfectly.
  • Cloud Storage - Get substantial OneDrive cloud storage for convenient file access. Buying Options

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