What is the Difference Between Adobe Photoshop CS and CC?

What is the Difference Between Adobe Photoshop CS and CC
What is the Difference Between Adobe Photoshop CS and CC

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What is the difference between Adobe Photoshop CS and CC? – A Guide

Adobe Photoshop is on the list of the most popular and powerful editing software you can get today. Different variants of the solution are available at different price tags. Some of them come with a single license, while others have multiple subscription plans.

In this article, we are going to look at the difference between Photoshop CC vs CS. CS is short for Creative Suite, while CC refers to Create Cloud. The former was a non-subscription version while the latter comes with different subscription plans. There are other differences as well, and we are going to discuss many of them.

Summary of the differences between Adobe Photoshop CS (Creative Suite) and Adobe Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud):

Feature Adobe Photoshop CS Adobe Photoshop CC
Release Model Perpetual license (one-time purchase) Subscription-based (monthly or annual fee)
Updates Requires purchasing new versions for major updates Regular updates and new features included in the subscription
Cloud Integration Limited to none Extensive cloud integration with Creative Cloud services
Collaboration Tools Minimal collaboration features Enhanced collaboration tools (e.g., Libraries, Cloud Documents)
Device Compatibility Primarily desktop-focused Cross-device compatibility (desktop, tablet, mobile)
Software Access Local installation and use Requires internet for installation and regular updates
New Features New features only available in new versions Continuous addition of new features and improvements
Storage Local storage only Includes cloud storage (varies by subscription plan)
3D and VR Features Basic 3D capabilities in later versions Advanced 3D and VR capabilities
Learning Resources Basic help files and tutorials Access to Adobe’s extensive online tutorials and community support
Pricing Higher upfront cost Lower upfront cost, ongoing subscription fees
Integration with Other Adobe Apps Limited Seamless integration with other Adobe Creative Cloud apps

This table provides a concise comparison of the key differences between Adobe Photoshop CS and Adobe Photoshop CC.

Adobe Photoshop CS was the oldest version. The latest version of this category is Adobe Phone CS6. So, will compare Photoshop CS6 with CC. Knowing the difference between the two can help you make the best choice. Let’s find out more.

Photoshop CS6

Launched in 2012, Photoshop CS presented a new way of buying the Photoshop software. And it was a great success for the developers. At that time, the license of each product was valid forever, which means it never expired.

The downside of this solution was that the price tag was quite high, which kept many users from checking out this product.

Photoshop CC

The extension CC refers to Creative Cloud. This product is the advanced version of the software. This progressive software is a great solution for expert image editors. It allows users to use the Lightroom photos. Plus, they can share their image editing projects with their friends on social media.

If you opt for a CC 6 subscription, you won’t have to spend on other versions of the software.

Photoshop CC vs CS6

The UI of both products shares a lot of similarities with a few minor differences. As far as the functionality is concerned, you may not need to upgrade to CC if you are already using CS6.

Adobe Photoshop CC shares almost all functions with the CS6. Plus, the product has many other popular solutions, such as Dreamweaver, Audition, After Effects, and InDesign. Having access to these solutions can be good for your project.

For a better understanding, it is important to get familiar with Creative Cloud, which has some upgraded apps that are part of the CS6. Since some of the programs can’t be used online, they need to be installed on your PC. So, you need a fast internet connection to keep installing the updates as soon as they are released.

Therefore, when it comes to Photoshop CS6 vs CC, know that the latter comes with cloud collaboration. Another advantage is that the solution allows you to share your files with others easily.

Aside from this, you can also make custom settings and save them. You can also get up to 20GB of cloud storage for free. The other solution, however, doesn’t come with any cloud storage. So, the CC version has plenty of cloud storage to meet your data storage needs.

The difference in tools

Focus Mask

The selection tools are the first set of tools that you need to master. They are primary tools no matter what type of editing you want to perform.

Photoshop CS vs CC offers Focus Mask, which is a fresh selection tool. It allows you to select specific in-focus areas of an image. This tool is the best as far as making a selection is concerned.

Motion Blurs

Extra Motion Blurs is another great addition in Photoshop CC. it comes with a lot of filters to meet the requirements of different projects. Motion Blurs are useful to add a creative touch to the images. In other words, motion blurs can help you add moving effects to the image.

Smart Sharpen

Although both Photoshop CC and CS6 have the Smart Sharpen tool, the one that comes in CC has improved clarity and noise reduction capability.

Better Upsampling

Upsampling refers to a technique in Photoshop that helps you take a small picture and create a bigger version of it. We know Bitmap images tend to lose quality when they go through upsampling. Photoshop CC uses intelligent upsampling, which means it can preserve the image quality during the process.

If you are working on a project that involves multiple sizes of the same pictures, this feature can be quite useful for you.

Selection of multiple shapes or paths

This simple function allows you to select more than one shape or path simultaneously.

Enhanced Content-aware technology

Regular users of Adobe Photoshop know the importance of this feature. Adobe Photoshop CC allows much better control of the textures and blending colors.

Photoshop CC vs CS6: How to choose one?

Over the past few years, many versions of Adobe Photoshop have been introduced. Therefore, it has become difficult to make a choice. Based on what type of projects you want to work on, you can prefer one to another. Before you make a decision, we suggest that you answer the questions given below.

  • Do you want to use the product regularly or occasionally?
  • Do you have plans to go for a new version soon?
  • Shortly, what tools does your project require?
  • What tools are the most important for your current project?
  • Do you want to upgrade from an older version of the product to a newer one?

Answering these simple questions will help you choose between Adobe CS vs CC. Keep in mind that the ultimate decision will depend largely upon your expectations. Therefore, you may want to consider your expectations before you choose a product.

Photoshop CC vs CS6: The takeaway

In short, these are some common differences between Adobe Photoshop CC vs CS6. If you need one to meet your project needs, we suggest that you consider the differences explained in this article. Figuring out what you need will be much easier if you consider the features and improvements offered by both solutions. Besides, budget is also an important deciding factor. If you can afford a monthly subscription fee, opting for the CC version is a better decision.