How Microsoft’s Security Tool can Spot Rogue Devices on Your Network

How Microsoft's Security Tool can Spot Rogue Devices on Your Network
How Microsoft's Security Tool can Spot Rogue Devices on Your Network

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How Lansweeper Embedded Technologies Protects Your Network from Rogue Devices

In today’s increasingly digital world, wireless devices are everywhere. From smartphones and laptops to smart home appliances, we rely on these devices for everything from work to entertainment and fitness. However, with the proliferation of connected devices, there has also been an increase in the threat of rogue devices.

A rogue device is any unauthorized wireless device that is connected to a network. These devices can be used to steal information or disrupt network operations, often through the use of malware. They can be anything from access points like routers to end-user devices such as phones and laptops, or even IoT devices like smart refrigerators or doorbells.

The rise in remote and hybrid work models due to the pandemic has only exacerbated this issue. With more people working from home and connecting to corporate networks with multiple unsecured devices, it has become a challenge for organizations to detect and manage these rogue devices effectively.

But what if there was a way for telecom providers and businesses to help their customers protect their networks by automatically detecting and recognizing rogue devices? That’s where Lansweeper Embedded Technologies comes in.

Lansweeper has developed a market-leading technology, Credential-Free Device Recognition (CDR), that can detect rogue devices and provide complete visibility into all network-connected IT, OT, and IoT devices in just seconds. This patented device fingerprinting technology uses advanced machine-learning techniques to identify all connected devices, even those that connect only briefly.

Lansweeper’s CDR technology is designed to work seamlessly behind the scenes, continuously updating the IT asset inventory with the most accurate device information from a database of over 900 million uniquely identified devices. This means that even if a rogue device connects to the network for just a brief moment, it will be detected and recognized by Lansweeper’s solution.

What sets Lansweeper’s CDR technology apart is its credential-free approach. It does not require any access to privileged information on a user’s device, making it completely secure. Additionally, it uses common network protocols and avoids deep scan and packet inspection, which would require additional hardware and software resources and drive up costs.

So how does Lansweeper’s CDR technology benefit organizations and their customers? For businesses, it provides complete network visibility at all times, ensuring that no unauthorized devices are connected to the network and posing a potential threat. This is particularly important for businesses that deal with sensitive data or operate in highly regulated industries.

For telecom providers, integrating Lansweeper’s CDR technology into their products can give them a competitive advantage by offering customers tools to manage their home networks effectively. With the increasing number of connected devices in homes, customers need a reliable solution to protect their personal information and prevent unauthorized access to their networks.

With Lansweeper’s CDR technology integrated into their products, telecom providers can empower customers with detailed dashboards that display all connected devices in their homes, along with information on data usage and signal strength. In case of a rogue device infiltrating the network, customers will be immediately alerted, allowing them to isolate and disable the device before it causes any harm.

Moreover, Lansweeper’s CDR technology can be easily integrated into hardware or software products through APIs and SDKs. On-premises solutions are also available for those who prefer to have more control over the scanning process.

In conclusion, rogue devices on networks pose a significant threat to both businesses and consumers. However, with Lansweeper’s CDR technology, organizations can proactively detect and manage these devices, ensuring the security of their networks and sensitive data. Telecom providers can also differentiate themselves by offering customers a reliable solution to protect their home networks from malicious activity. Don’t leave your network vulnerable to rogue devices – embrace Lansweeper’s CDR technology today.