Does Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Come With Antivirus?

Does Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Come With Antivirus
Does Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Come With Antivirus

Last Updated on May 20, 2024 by sunjava22

Does Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Come With Antivirus? – A Guide

Are you one of those who have just upgraded to Windows 10 Pro? Then you must be thinking about what should be done next for protection. Have you done detailed research on compatible antivirus programs? Here, in this blog, we have just gathered all the necessary details to help you out with what should do further.

There is no harm in the installation of third-party antivirus in Windows 10 as we used to do in Windows 7 but Windows 10 already includes Windows Defender antivirus which was a successor of Microsoft Security Essentials. It protects sensitive files and keeps your system up to date. Let’s get into the blog and see if the Windows Defender is good enough to deal with all the risks or if we need to get help from other antivirus software programs.

What does Windows Defender do?

Windows 10 has a built-in Windows Defender that scans all programs automatically. It provides an interface to do scans in depth. It wasn’t providing good protection as compared to other antivirus software scans, but Windows has done a great job of making it compatible with proper protection. As compared to other antivirus software, windows 10 is not in the top position and does not score high points in the presence of a competitive antivirus market.

Windows 10 antivirus is providing the same level of protection against malware. It won’t hog CPU resources, and we can rely on Windows Defender. It is an anti-malware solution to cop with malicious files that can harm your system.

Features Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

Let’s talk about its features and find out what Windows 10 has for us.

  • It has a panel displaying modules with the status
  • On clicking` Virus & threat Protection` run quick and full scans of the whole system. You have the option of scanning a separate selected file.
  • The Defender’s Firewall icon gives you a view of the current Windows firewall status. Easily Adjustable firewall notification rules, running internet troubleshooters, etc.
  • Windows Defender’s App & Browser Control Section allows key settings. Windows SmartScreen can be set automatically to warn you, and people, of unknown apps and files.
  • Basic Parental controls allow people to set limitations for kids on which websites they can visit and provide reports on other activities as well.
  • It has a family option page as well that enables a quick view of the multiple devices connected from the central console.
  • In its CFA (controlled Folder Access) Windows Defender supports a layer of simple ransomware to protect custom folders.

How about Windows Defender security compatibility as compared to other antivirus?

It is understood that Windows Defender is not capable of preventing rarer and specific types of malware, but its protection features are good enough for spyware and prevalent viruses. It won’t alert you from security threats, and because of these reasons, everyone prefers to purchase antiviruses like Mcafee, Norton, AVG, Avast & much more. This software program is designed for smart detection & prevention of security threats.

Nowadays, antivirus programs have so many advanced features to improve performance and for clearing unusual files. They also provide data backup, parental controls, and security alerts. Users who used to have confidential data would go for data backup & parental controls are helpful for parents who are very concerned about their kids. Security alert notifications are useful to timely notify you about malfunctioning.

Why Windows 10 is more vulnerable to hackers and malware than MAC?

A more often asked question is why Windows 10 is more vulnerable to hackers. We have listed down the reasons to give you the answer.

Win 10 allows users to install anything whatever they want

Well, it’s an excellent opportunity for Windows users to install whatever they want but maximizes the chances of malware and MAC has a built-in utility known as a gatekeeper that blocks users from installing software that is not from approved developers. If MAC users want to install whatever they want, then they also have the option to do this, but they need to confirm whether they wish to take the risk or not.

Windows doesn’t have a built-in disk encryption program

Mac computers have FileVault to encrypt all stored files on the hard drive. Windows users can also do encryption, but there is no integrated program for encryption. Even though it has been seen that Windows users don’t pay attention to this and put sensitive records at risk..!

Windows offers free of cost OS Updates

Windows provides free updates for its operating system. Regardless of the version paid for by customers, updates from Microsoft are always free for all versions of Windows 10. This includes the Windows 10 upgrade, which is free for consumers who have already purchased a Windows license either separately or bundled with a premade PC. After one year, users who have upgraded to Windows 10 will not have to pay for updates, as stated by Microsoft 10. Therefore, it’s important to clarify that Windows does offer free OS updates.

Windows Defender Lacks in:

Window Defenders have been improved to some extent, and it has been showing overall excellent performance, but a few things are lacking in Windows Defender.

  • It can highlight valid software as malicious.
  • It slows down the performance of other apps
  • There is no password manager option in it
  • It offers limited customization as per other antivirus programs

Approaches for overcoming windows 10 security issues

Windows 10 is critical for so many security reasons, and other antivirus programs include app scanning features to provide protection to deal with downloaded infected files. There are numerous approaches defined to deal with Windows 10 security issues.

Go for encryption software

if you have Windows 10 and haven’t installed disk encryption software yet, then install this immediately to overcome the security issues.

Don’t take downloads easy

Whatever you are installing, make sure it is from trusted companies. For free software, installation checks out the reviews first to not put your system at risk.

Don’t disable Windows updates

To overcome Windows 10 security issues, do not disable Windows updates. It will make sure that the system is up to date and receives the latest updates.

Our Verdict

Windows 10 has its defender program, but if we talk about its plus points, then it doesn’t consume too much space and is easy to use, but average detection rates and limited configuration options aren’t appreciated at all for those who are relying on it. Microsoft has invested time and effort to improve Defender and now because of its outclass performance, it is competing with other security names.