Does Windows 10 Home Include Microsoft Word and Excel?


Microsoft has newly launched a new office application which is only available for the users of Windows 10. It is completely replacing the My Office application, which is existing. It has been investigated that this new application has been designed with so many amazing and useful features for the office users. You can quickly get access to some original documents, access all your office desktop applications or look for some new versions of the web office. Although it is a new app and it will later be installed with Windows 10. You don’t need to take stress about having any Office 365 subscription for using it.

MS Office is considered to be an important software program that is used on a wide scale at both educational and business stages. What will happen if Windows 10 does not include Word and Excel?

Overview on Important Features of Microsoft Office 10 App

This existing My Office App has been included with so many exciting features. But when it comes to the new office app, it has been preinstalled with so many latest and best features that you might not be having as an Office 365 subscriber. This is the main element that makes this Microsoft new application wholly different and unique from others.

Do you know that the free online version of Microsoft also exists? Microsoft has been settled with free online versions related to Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Some of the consumers often recommend choosing an Office platform which is already installed with the Office in it.

In this latest Office app, you will also be finding some tips, tutorials and different tricks to use a wide range of Microsoft services or apps. Microsoft is even letting the IT admins customize the application of Office for promoting their business entirely. This will even allow the IT admins to provide complete access to the third-party apps along with the Microsoft Search. By visiting the Microsoft store, you can easily download the latest Office app.

Is Microsoft Word Available in Windows 10?

Windows 10 is working as a reliable operating system. It is one such platform which will be letting all the parts of your PC system to work in synchronization. It will not be offering the users with Microsoft Word because it is working as a separate program. You can also get MS Word as a part of MS Office in which it also includes Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and so many more programs.

Now users want to know that which versions of the MS Office will be working with the system of Windows 10! Below is the list of all those Office versions which are entirely supported and test by the Windows 10:

  • Office 365 (Version 16)
  • Office 2019 (Version 16)
  • Office 2016 (Version 16)
  • Office 2013 (Version 15)
  • Office 2010 (Version 14)
  • Office 2007 (Version 12) is not supported by the mainstream system and is no longer testing by Windows 10. Nevertheless, Office 2007 will be installed and might be running on your Windows 10.

Everything you should know about Windows 10 security

Security has always remained the primary concern in almost all the versions of the Windows system. In the old-time, XP was the Window system that was insecure and completely not secure. But now technology has transformed everything. There has been a vast improvement in the security system of Windows 10.

Windows 10 is entirely secure, and you don’t need to acquire any security program for using it. You need to stay updated with the default latest settings. This will be including some SmartScreen filter which will enable you to detect the web addresses against any malware. Cloud service is another most recommended feature in Windows 10. If you feel any suspicious malware detection in your system, you can straight away contact cloud service. They will perform a machine learning process to let you know whether you should block it or not.

If you are not facing any sort of surfing issue, then choosing a combination of cloud service, SmartScreen and defender are perfect. You can even do this if you are using some secure browsers such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. You can also look for so many reliable and best anti-virus products that are available in both paid and free versions. Some of the recommended options will be Avira, Kaspersky, and Avast. Kaspersky, as well as Bitdefender, are known out to be best paid-for your AV suites. Flexera is also a top leading software inspector who can monitor your system of PC and let you know about which programs need an updating approach and which of them are insecure.

Types of Browsers Included In Windows 10

There have been two different browsers which are included in Windows 10. This includes new Edge and second is old Internet Explorer 11. Edge is quite interesting to use and is light in weight. It offers some friendly features. But still, it has some drawbacks for you. You cannot save the pages, and it has limited extensions around 20.

A few main alternatives will be Firefox and Google Chrome. Chrome is entirely secure and easy to use. But on the contrary, it guzzles memory as well as battery power. So if you are using uBlock Origin extensions or Ghostery, you should avail of the use of Firefox. Vivaldi is also similar to Chrome and often run quite a few Chrome extensions. But it is quite slow with its functioning and processing system. A few other options in the category of Chromium-based browsers are Opera.

Final verdict

To sum up the whole discussion we would say that there is nothing to feel disappointed if Windows 10 is not offering the MS Word and Excel software in its system. You still have the free choice to make it run for you through its online versions.  Even though if Windows 10 does not come with the pre-installed MS Office, you can still install it later on through some online downloading websites! This is so simple!. You can buy Windows 10 Home product key and other software license keys at discounted prices at