Windows and MAC Computer Shortcuts: Mac Screenshot Shortcuts

Windows and MAC Computer Shortcuts Mac Screenshot Shortcuts
Windows and MAC Computer Shortcuts Mac Screenshot Shortcuts

Hidden Computer Shortcuts That Will Boost Your Productivity

As technology continues to advance, the use of computers has become an integral part of our daily lives. Whether you use a Windows PC or a Mac, there are numerous shortcuts and hotkeys that can tremendously improve your productivity and efficiency. These secret codes are known to only a few, but once you start using them, you’ll feel like a computer whiz. Here are 15 amazing shortcuts you probably aren’t using yet.

1. Create a virtual desktop

Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed with multiple open windows or programs? Instead of trying to navigate through all of them, simply create a virtual desktop by pressing the Windows key + Ctrl + D, or Control + Up if you’re using a Mac. This will give you a fresh desktop to work on without losing any of your open tasks.

2. Switch between virtual desktops

If you have more than one virtual desktop, switching between them is made easy with the Windows key + Ctrl (or Control for Mac users). Use the left and right arrow keys to navigate between your virtual desktops.

3. Return to the desktop from the apps

Instead of wasting time by minimizing each open window, simply press the Windows key + M to minimize all apps at once. You can also take a quick peek at your desktop by pressing Windows key + comma (for PC) or Command + F3 (for Mac).

4. Open an app from the taskbar

To quickly access your most used apps, keep them on your taskbar and use the Windows key + a number key from 1 to 9 to open them. Unfortunately, there is no similar hotkey for Macs, but the app navigation on Macs is still impressive.

5. Split-screen between two apps

Need to work on two apps at the same time? Press the Windows key + left arrow to open one app and then the Windows key + right arrow to open the other. Your screen will now be split between the two apps, making multitasking a breeze.

6. Switch apps

To switch between open apps, use the hotkey Control + Alt + Tab (for PC) or Control + tab (for Mac). For a broader view of open windows and available desktops, use the Windows key + tab for PCs or Control + tab for Macs.

7. Program management and troubleshooting

If you ever encounter a program that’s stuck and won’t respond, simply press Ctrl + Shift + Esc (or Command + Option + Escape for Mac) to access the task manager and troubleshoot the issue.

8. Open File Explorer

For PCs, press the Windows key + E to open the file manager window. For Mac users, this will open your Finder app.

9. Use the Magnifier

Need to zoom in on something quickly? Use the Windows key combined with the plus or minus sign to open the magnifier app, which allows you to zoom in and out wherever you point your cursor.

10. Take screenshots

Quickly take screenshots by pressing the Windows key + Print Screen for PCs or Command + Shift + 3 for Macs. The screenshots will automatically save in your Image folder.

11. Use Action Center

For quick access to Bluetooth settings, press the Windows key + A (for PCs) or click on the Notification Center icon on Macs in the top right-hand corner.

12. Access the Settings

If you need to make any advanced adjustments or tweaks to your computer settings, press the Windows key + I for PCs or go to System Preferences on a Mac.

13. Talk to Cortana or Siri

Feeling chatty? Use Cortana on Windows by pressing the Windows key + C or summon Siri on a Mac by holding Command and Space together and saying “Hey, Siri!”

14. Use the Windows Game Bar

If you’re a gamer, you’ll love this one. Press the Windows key + G to bring up the Game Bar, which allows you to take screenshots, record gameplay, and access other in-game features.

15. Lock down your PC

Don’t want anyone snooping around your computer while you’re away? Lock it by pressing the Windows key + L for PC or Shift + Command + Q for Mac.


These are just a few of the many shortcuts that can make using your computer faster and easier. With a little bit of practice, you’ll soon become a power user and amaze your friends and co-workers with your ninja-like computer skills. So go ahead and give these shortcuts a try, and watch your productivity soar!