Does Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Come With Microsoft Office?


If you are a regular user of Microsoft Office and you are planning to upgrade your OS to Windows 10 Pro, know that Office doesn’t come pre-installed with the suite. However, you can opt for it for nothing. The common misconception is that Microsoft Office is part of Windows 10 Pro. Let’s find out more.

You can get Office for your OS at a discounted price. And the applications work on Android and iOS as well. Just like Windows 7 and Windows 8, Win 10 is an OS that creates a connection between your computer components so that they work together.

The problem is that the OS doesn’t include office applications, such as Outlook, PowerPoint, Word and Excel.

This is where many users get confused. For many decades, computers were sold with many software pre-installed on the machines. And the thing was that the computers came pre-installed with the latest version of the OS and office software. Therefore, most users had it in their mind that Microsoft Office was part of the operating system.

In other words, if you download Windows 10, you can’t get a copy of Microsoft Office for free. And you will need to buy it separately for a price.

The software giant is developing a fresh Office app for Windows 10 users. And the good news is that it’s going to replace the popular “My Office” product that you can find. Plus, it’s designed in a way that it’s much more useful for the users.

Basically, it’s a hub that can help you launch the most recent documents, access the desktop apps or find the web-based versions of Office that are available easily. This free app will come pre-installed with Win 10. This will save you plenty of money as you won’t need to go for Office 365 subscription. This is great news for those who are regular users of these apps.

Many of these features can be found in My Office app. However, the new applications focuses more on the free web version of Office. So, it’s good news if you have not subscribed to Office 365.

As a matter of fact, this is what Microsoft finds difficult to promote. Many users just don’t know there is and that the software giant offers a free web version of the suite. Aside from this, many users have an assumption that Office is part of the OS. Therefore, renaming this application to Office and checking out the web versions can help as well.

In the new Office suite, you can find tutorials, tricks and tips for various apps offered by Microsoft. The software giant also allows Information Technology administrations to customize the app. The idea is to help entrepreneurs brand it and grand free access to other apps.

Once the new Office app is out, you can go ahead and download it for your OS. Until then, you can just wait. In the meantime, you can search for the news about the launch.

In short, Windows 10 Pro doesn’t come with the actual Microsoft Office app but it allows you to install the new office app.