The Difference Between Microsoft Windows 10 and 8 Platforms

The Difference Between Microsoft Windows 10 and 8 Platforms
The Difference Between Microsoft Windows 10 and 8 Platforms

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Difference Between Microsoft Windows 10 and Windows 8

As a PC user, you wish to know the difference between Windows 8 and Windows 10 platforms, since they have the same functions except for fewer features that look different. Its design is somewhat better than the traditional Windows 7, whereby Windows 8 has a touchscreen, mouse, clickable option, startup app page, etc. Its main screen has scroll-down functions, FAVS, App setup, and sorts; which seems a little bit confusing.

Windows 10 was designed to remedy this confusion by adding new features at the start menu, to organize and clean up software icons a little bit more. This process makes the desktop a primary, not a secondary OS option. Most customers prefer tablet and touchscreen configuration in Windows 8 versions because the default functions are better in Windows 7 and 8 platforms.

Obviously, older software becomes obsolete that’s why we upgrade the older version to the new version. Hence, Windows 10 doesn’t aid Windows 7 or 98 software; therefore, Windows 8 and 8.1 usually experience some compatibility issues with 98 software.

Mostly, Windows 7 software is uniquely compatible with the Windows 8 operating system. The use of troubleshooting will help users to manage the older software in Windows 10 but the outcome may not be perfect.

Beneficial to Windows cross-platform is the activity of other key software developers since Microsoft has a Windows subdivision for a newer gaming system and mobile platform that utilizes cross-platform compatible technology. For instance, Xbox. One user can now use Windows 10 OS to access, download, and Play games on their computers.

Can it work on my computer?
Older PCs may find it challenging to install Windows 10 but the newer system has a problem of installing Windows 8. Why is it that the drivers for most of the PCs have their own operation modes? In some scenarios, Windows 8 drivers are known to cause problems that’s why you need to reach out to the manufacturer’s website to download the drivers. Windows 10 focuses more on the size of the OS against the type of driver used.

Therefore, it’s essential to have at least 10 GB worth of space. (NB: there may be some updates making it important to have up to 12GB or more). Recently, custom-built computers permit the installation of Windows 10 but find it challenging to be compatible with Windows 8.

Upgrade and tech support:
One major consideration when you’re trying to choose between Windows 8 and Windows 10 is the upgrade and technical support. The support services are both offered on the platform with Windows & Tech support for both Windows.
Since Windows 10 is the latest OS, Microsoft has not yet released other Windows, following Jerry Nixon’s press release. OS as of now is yet to be updated with recent OS editions.

Before the period when Windows 10 was given for free, a global download opportunity, made users download free upgrades from their platform. With recent press releases with no attempt to release other Windows, smartphone, or mobile App technology Windows 10 may become obsolete. Meaning it will go back to becoming a free download. Gordon Kelly a writer on the Forbes website once said “upgrade and free nature of the OS will always be free until it’s not”. Meaning that OS may phase out, depending on the Windows availability at the moment.

Which one will you pick?
It is based on the age of your computer, HD size, and whether or not it has a permanent license or the license becomes obsolete. If you own a permanent license, it can be used as a subscription as an alternative for you in the future. Check for different types of Microsoft Operating Systems at discounted prices.


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